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hello kitty

July 2012

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Prairie Chicken

verviana in veggie_recipes

Potato & Garlic Soup

A lot of my tastiest recipes come from "OMG there's nothing exciting in the house what do I do" moments. I had one of those moments today, and what I did have in the fridge was a few potatoes.
And I always have garlic (it's kind of in the genes, I'm italian)...


I boiled two smallish potatoes until they were nice and soft. Then I cut one up into small cubes, and threw the other in the blender with a cup of milk, a couple of garlic cloves, and some freshly grated cheese. (Some manner of parmesan or romano or similar cheese).

I chopped up four or five more garlic cloves (garlic is a big thing with me) and fried them in Earth Balance (which is vegan and really good for you, and acts and tastes a whole lot like butter) with some thyme and cayenne pepper. Once they looked reasonably "done" I added my blended milk-and-potato business as well as my previously cut up potato, and some paprika and salt, and let it simmer for a while. (Actually, I walked away to feed the cats and then came back and turned it off in a big hurry because it was bubbling over.)

At the last minute I cooked up some frozen peas and threw them in too, because I'm just the type of person who wants something green at every meal.

All this got me one reasonably large, thick & hearty bowl of soup. I'm into stewish soups; if you're not, by all means you could add more milk or water, and/or add a few more potatoes to serve more.

Also, between my cayenne pepper and six or seven cloves of garlic, this soup was darn spicy. If you're not into spicy, consider dropping either the cayenne pepper or the raw garlic in the blender, or both.



yum! I am a garlic fiend myself. *looks in cupboard* I think I'll make that for dinner, thanks!
Thanks for the inspiration. That sounded so delicious, so I made my own version using what I had in the fridge. yum!
I made this tonight, and it was SO GOOD. thank you!